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Changes to Medical 'Re-Use' Policy to Prevent Processing Delays Source: DIAC at               From 9 November 2009, a suspension of re-use arrangements for this group of clients will be put in place to ensure that the processing of permanent visa applications are not delayed unnecessarily. This means that 'upgrades' of health examination reports will no longer be allowed. For example, a client who completed a chest x-ray and a form ... Read More
Changes to the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program Source:      February 15, 2010 Details have been released of extensive changes to the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program.   These changes generally affect the following visa subclasses:   Onshore Visa Subclasses   Skilled - Independent (subclass 885) Skilled - Sponsored (subclass 886) Skilled - Graduate (subclass 485) Skilled - Regional Sponsored (subclass 487) ... Read More
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Article source: DIAC The Government will provide $0.1 million in 2009-10 to extend the Retirement Visa (Subclass 410) validity period from four to 10 years, and to remove the current statutory limit on work rights for holders. Currently, Retirement Visas (Subclass 410) are valid for four years and do not allow holders to work for more than 20 hours per wee Read More
Article Source: DIAC Media Release The Government is introducing two new GSM Program measures to ensure the delivery of suitably skilled, qualified and job ready independent skilled migrants that meet the needs of the Australian labour marke Read More
Article Source: DIAC The Australian Government has further cut the permanent skilled migrant intake to 108 100 places for the 2009-10 Migration Program, in response to the continued economic slowdown, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said toda Read More
Article Source: DIAC From 14 April 2009 the English language requirement for Subclass 457 - Business (Long Stay) visa applicants increased from an IELTS score of 4.5 to 5. This is an average band scor Read More
Article Source: DIAC Media Release Today the Government announced changes to the Subclass 457 visa program in order to ensure that it continues to provide industry with needed skills, while not undermining local training and employment opportunitie Read More
Article Source: DIAC Press Release The Rudd Government will cut the 2008-09 permanent skilled migration program by 14 per cent to protect local jobs while ensuring employers can access skilled professionals in industries still experiencing skills shortage Read More
Article source: DIAC Effective from Tuesday 24 February 2009 DIAC have announced a number of policy changes in relation to assessment of Nomination and Visa applications under the Subclass 457 - Business (Long Stay). These have been prompted by the prevailing economic climat Read More
Article source: DIAC Applicants who were affected by the closure of the capital investment scheme may now lodge a deposit with the South Australian Government Financing Authority. This is the only scheme currently available which the department is satisfied meets the requirements in the Regulation Read More