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Neo Phoenix Pty Ltd
Lawyers & Registered Migration Agents

We are experienced Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents with a proven track record. We offer personalised service with a reasonable fee structure.

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"Dear Sir, Thanks for your e-mail! Regarding the advice you gave me I found it very interesting, and gave me a clear picture about migration to Australia. But I need more time to think about moving to the next step. Thanks a lot and will contact you when I find it's the right time to process my ...
25 Aug 2009 Ala Eddin Al-Qatawneh
"Dear Andre, Thank you so much, your email has been so helpful.  Thank you for the list of companies.  Most of the other Migration companies I emailed sent out replied with a cold - sorry can't help feel.  Thank you again for realizing that it is our hopes and dreams you are talking to me about. ...
25 Aug 2009 Trisha Webster
"Dear Andre, Thanks very much for your advice. Just days after I asked you for help, I received positive skills assessment from NAATI (Translator). Because I really did not expect that, I asked you for help. I nominated my skilled occupation "Translator" and while having 115 points I lodged my ...
"Dear Andre, I haven't contacted with you for long time, how is everything going with you? Using your advice, in mid September we have lodged a migration application for a skilled business owner (Subclass 160) to PBSPC. Everything has been going very well since then, we have some communications back ...
"Dear Andre Congiu, I have been nominated (STNI) by Victoria state. Thanks" Salman Sad