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Basic Requirements for Business Visas


English Language Requirements

Applicants without sponsorship must have a "vocational" level of English; that is, applicants must be able to communicate in English fluently.

If you are applying for the Business Talent (Migrant) (subclass 132) or a State / Territory Sponsored Business Skills (Provisional) (subclasses 163-165) visa, you do not need to speak English. However, you will be required to pay the second instalment of the visa application charge (English language tuition fee) if you have less than functional English. This will give you access to English classes once you arrive in Australia.

Senior Executive (Provisional) (subclass 161/164) is for senior executive employees of major overseas corporations who have been responsible for strategic policy development affecting a major component or a wide range of operations of that business. Applicants under this subclass must also have significant net assets and a genuine and realistic commitment to participate as a principal in the management of a new or existing business.

Age Requirements

Applicants without sponsorship must under 45 years age before they apply for a Business Skills Visa.

If you are applying for the Business Talent (Migrant) (subclass 132) or a State/Territory Sponsored Business Skills (Provisional) (subclasses 163-165) visa, you must be under 55 years of age at time of application.

If you are 55 years or older, the sponsoring State/Territory government must determine that your proposed business activity will be of exceptional economic benefit to that State or Territory and provide a statement to this effect for you to lodge with your application.

Health Requirements

All Business Skills visa applicants are required to undergo a full migrant medical examination (including HIV testing for all applicants 15 years of age or over).

All applicants who are 11 years of age and over will be required to have a chest x-ray.

You will be responsible for meeting the costs of this health assessment.

Interview Requirement

Most Business Skills applicants will need to attend an interview to discuss business history and business intentions in Australia and any other issues requiring clarification in order to fully asses that the requirements set down for the grant of the Business Visa subclass are met.

The Business Skills Processing Centre or department Business Centre in Australia will contact you to arrange for you to attend an interview at a convenient location after you have submitted your Business Skills visa application.


It is expected by the Australian Government that Business Skills (Provisional) visa holders will:

Establish a new business;


Become an owner or part-owner of an existing business in Australia with a significant level of ownership;


Actively participate in the management of the business;


Having established a successful business as a temporary resident, remain in Australia permanently to continue that business.

Post Arrival Monitoring

The progress of business migrants is monitored after their arrival in Australia.

Where no significant steps have been taken towards engaging in business within the first 3 years of arrival, DIMIA has the power to cancel the right to Australian residence of the business person and his/her family.

All applicants for business-related visas must research the requirements for conducting business in Australia including; a proper legal understanding and implementation of, for instance, the correct business partnership (according to a legal deed) or business/company structure.

MY AUSTRALIAN has an affiliate network which can provide you with financial advice and assistance.

A holder of a Business Talent (Migrant) visa you must provide the department in Australia with a contact address within 28 days of your initial arrival.

You will receive a letter requesting details of your business activity 24 months after your initial arrival in Australia. If you have not made a genuine effort to obtain a substantial interest in an eligible business, within 3 years of your arrival, you may be liable for visa cancellation. As the holder of a Business Skills (Provisional) visa, you will also be required to provide the department in Australia with your contact address within 28 days of your initial arrival.

You will be sent a letter requesting details of your business activity 24 months after your initial arrival in Australia.

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