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Temporary Work (Skilled) Subclass 457 Visa

All employer sponsored visa subclasses have requirements which attach to the employer, the nominated occupation and to the visa applicant himself/herself.

Temporary Work (Skilled) Subclass 457 Visa

Generally, there are 3 steps in the application process to sponsor an overseas skilled worker to work in Australia through employer sponsorship:

  1. The Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS), which is the application for approval of the business as being suitable to employ an overseas worker or workers.
  2. The Nomination, which is the application for approval of the position(s) as being suitable to be filled by an overseas worker. The nomination application is all about the occupation.
  3. The actual Temporary Work (Skilled) Subclass 457 Visa, which is the application for approval of the visa applicant as being suitable to fill the position.

All 3 applications are considered against specific requirements in the Migration Act 1958, Migration Regulations 1994 as well as in the policy guidelines contain in the Procedures Advice Manual (PAMS) which DIBP Case Officers use to assess applications.

Whilst the employer does not itself apply for a visa, they must apply to the DIBP for approval as a business sponsor.

The 3 applications are lodged in the above sequence and processed in the above sequence. Thus in order for the Nomination to be approved, the employer must first become an approved Standard Business Sponsor (SBS). In order for the Visa Application to be granted both the SBS and Nomination must be approved.

Please see below Brief Overview – of the main requirements. Please contact us for detailed advice.

Stage 1 - Employer Requirements

The employer must provide evidence to demonstrate they:

  • · Are lawfully and actively an operating business;
  • · Will be the direct employer;
  • · Have a sound business record and abides by immigration laws;
  • · Can show the employment will bring economic benefit to Australia;
  • · Have met the Training Benchmarks.

Stage 2 - Employer Requirements

The employer needs to provide the following information about the position:

  • · The position relates to an occupation which meets a minimum skill set;
  • · The position is to be paid at or above the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) which is currently $53,900 and is also being paid at Market Rates.
  • · It is a Genuine Position

Stage 3 - Employer / Employee Requirements

The employer needs to show the following:

  • · Have an approved and current Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) or Labour Agreement;
  • · Company has the nominated position approved.

The employee needs to show the following:

  • · That he/she has the required Skill Level for the position;
  • · That he/she is qualified for the position.
  • · That he/she has Vocational English language ability.

Success Stories

Since 2003 we have helped many Australian businesses secure Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) allowing them to sponsor overseas workers.

Please contact us for a professional assessment of your business sponsorship eligibility if you are an employer operating in Australia.

We can provide you with the migration law expertise to submit the best possible SBS, Nomination and Visa application.

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