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Health System in Australia

Health System

Permanent residents are eligible to receive immediate entitlement to Medicare, Australian government’s public healthcare scheme. Medicare is an Australia-wide health insurance scheme, funded through an income tax contribution by most Australian tax payers.

Through Medicare permanent residents can receive:

  • free treatment as a public patient in a public hospital;
  • free or subsidised treatment by doctors in a general practice; and
  • subsidies on some medicines and treatment by participating specialists.

In addition to Medicare, many Australians also take out Private health insurance. There are numerous healthcare funds, with each offering different schemes and levels of cover. Taking out private health cover allows the holder such benefits as choice of doctor, choice of hospital and shorter waiting periods for non-urgent procedures. Some private health funds also cover services such as dental, optical, physiotherapy and podiatry services.

Private health funds have 'qualifying periods' requiring new customers to wait a specified period before being eligible to claim non-emergency treatments and services.

You can view more information about Medicare by visiting the following website:


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Over the years we have helped many people from all over the world realise their dream of a new life in Australia. Please see the Testimonial Section of the website and see for yourself.

The Level 1 Service allows for a professional assessment of your visa eligibility and preparation of a written document containing advice, information, application forms and support to manage a parent visa application. This is our most popular service and many clients have successfully utilised this affordable alternative to traditional migration consultancy.

This service also comes with our ongoing email support.

Our email support is now unlimited. It is our interest to ensure our clients are satisfied with our service, and if successful in migration know they can rely on us for any help and support they may need to make the transition to Australian life as easy as possible.

The advice contained in the Level 1 Service is targeted toward making an application under one of the Contributory Parent visa subclasses.