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Education in Australia

Education in Australia

Permanent Residents have equivalent study rights to Australian Citizens. However as a Partner Temporary Residency Visa holder you will still be required to pay the fees applicable to overseas students if you wish to undertake study in Australia.

The education system in Australia is governed by an established and comprehensive quality assurance and accreditation framework to protect the quality of institutions and qualifications in each of the major education sectors throughout the country.

The Australian education system can be divided broadly into the following areas:

  • Preschool
  • Primary School
  • Secondary / High School / Secondary Colleges
  • Career and Vocational Training
  • University or other tertiary institutions

Upon becoming a Permanent Resident you are able to enroll in publicly funded schools, vocational training institutions, universities and other government or public institutions without having to pay overseas student fees. Permanent Residents may also enroll in private institutions, however they will have to pay the fees as charged to Australian Citizens.

In Australia it is compulsory for students in most states and territories to attend schooling until the age of 15 years. After a student reaches that age they are able to leave. However, most students continue schooling until completion of Year 10 qualifications if not completing Year 12 studies.

Education is held in high regard in Australia and community involvement in certain aspects of schooling is high. Boys and girls are equally encouraged to complete formal schooling and to then undertake some form of higher education before entering the work force. Indeed, recent statistics indicate that female students on average achieve better final years results compared to male students.

The teaching principles and school discipline are different in Australia compared to other countries. Generally there is a less regimented approach and emphasis is placed on self-discipline, learning through understanding and encouragement. Less importance is given to authoritarian discipline and learning facts by heart as practiced in other countries.

You can view more information about education in Australia by visiting the following website:

Government Education Portal

Department of Education, Science and Training

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