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Partner Visa Application Costs and Processing Times

Partner Visa Application Costs and Processing Times

The Visa Application Charge payable to DIAC for partner applications lodged outside Australia is currently AU$2,680.00.

For applicants able to lodge their application in Australia, a higher Visa Application Charge applies and the fee is currently AU$3,975.00.

Please note: Prospective Marriage (fiancé) visa applications cannot be made in Australia. Applications for this visa subclass must be made outside Australia.

Those applying for a Prospective Marriage (fiancé) Visa will pay the standard application fee shown above. Upon legal marriage to their partner a further AU$995.00 or AU$1260.00 is payable to apply for the Spouse Temporary Residency Visa.

There is no additional fee to be paid after the provisional two-year period, when being assessed for permanent residency.

In addition to the Visa Application Charge, there are other costs associated with making a Partner Visa application, and typically these include the fees for the medical examination, police clearance, certification / translation of documents and postage / courier costs.

The Level 1 Service will detail exactly what fees and charges are applicable in your case.

Generally unless an applicant is in Australia and the holder of a substantive visa enabling an onshore application, Partner Visa applications are lodged at the applicants local Australian Embassy or Diplomatic Mission.

Therefore, processing times will vary from country to country and according to your personal circumstances. We cannot provide an accurate processing time frame as some overseas posts take longer than others and times varying from subclass to subclass. As a very general guide only processing times can be 3 to 8 months for Spouse, De Facto and Interdependent Visas.

The Prospective Marriage (Fiancé) Visa may be processed quicker - up to 4 months.

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