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We are experienced Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents with a proven track record. We offer personalised service with a reasonable fee structure.

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Get Assessed - Confidently Manage your Visa Application Yourself

If you are confident enough to lodge your visa application yourself, but still like the idea that a Registered Migration Agent has checked your eligibility and provides you with the latest information and a Step-by-Step Visa Application Guide for your specific visa subclass, you will like our Level 1 Service. You’ll find that it will protect you from costly mistakes that could add many months to your application process.

When you access our Level 1 Service we guarantee that your Registered Migration Agent assesses your profile and prepares a Step-by-Step Visa Application Guide especially for you and your specific visa subclass. Subject to your eligibility it contains all the advice, information, guidance, application forms and support you need. That guarantees that you can submit the best visa application possible. No confusing, no “hidden costs”, forms or procedures will be forgotten.

You can quickly and easily use this checklist, tick each item off, save time and money on your application process and launch it yourself confidently.

Your Level 1 Service Eligibility Assessment and Advice will include:

  • A statement showing the strengths of your profile and the areas of concern
  • An assessment of your likelihood of success under your nominated visa subclass and, if applicable, advice on an alternative visa subclass to apply for
  • An advice on how to demonstrate you satisfy the requirements of the visa as contained in The Migration Regulations 1994
  • A guide how to complete the Medical Examination and obtain Police Clearance Certificates
  • A Document Checklist for your specific visa subclass as well as online access to the most currents application forms relevant to your application
  • Information about how to obtain the right documentation to support your application
  • A list of steps involved in preparing your application
  • A guide how to complete the required application forms
  • Advice how to present your application in the format preferred by DIBP
  • Information about where to lodge your visa application and the costs involved
  • An estimate of how long it will take to process your application
  • An idea of what to expect while your application is being processed
  • An outline of what happens when a decision to grant your visa is made
  • An overview of your entitlements as a permanent resident and how to apply for Australian citizenship in the future

Our Level 1 Service also comes with unlimited email support via the Ask An Agent Service

Accessing your Level 1 Service is easy:

  • Complete the Online Assessment
  • Verify your email address
  • Complete the Online Consultation
  • Make Payment for the Level 1 Service on our secure payment page using your Credit Card
  • Email your CV and your partner's CV if applicable
  • You will receive your documentation within ten (10) Australian Business Days (subject to full information being provided and excluding Public Holidays or Annual Leave Days)

Consultation Fees

  • AUD $300.00


We aim to make your transition to Australia as easy as possible for you. That’s why we’ll personally help you to find a job when you arrive Australia. You can also access our comprehensive Australian settlement advice, information and resources to assist your arrival and settlement in Australia.