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Why Migrate To Australia?

As all who live here would agree, it’s easy to see there are plenty of valid reasons why you would want to call this great country your home. And, if you’re already planning on visiting temporarily, or migrating here permanently, then you would already be aware of some of these valid reasons.

To most, Australia is considered “The Lucky Country”, and it’s no secret why. Initially a phrase used by Donald Horne to describe our weather, lifestyle and history, but some of the other main reasons why we’re considered The Lucky Country include;

  • A wonderful natural environment of wide open spaces
  • A Secure democratic government
  • A Peaceful society free from oppression
  • High living standards
  • Clean streets and clear, unpolluted skies
  • Excellent schools and world-class universities
  • Exceptional flora and fauna, unique to Australia
  • A mostly temperate climate
  • A comprehensive health care system

5 Reasons To Call Australia Home

1. Strong Economy

One of the main reasons to migrate to Australia is because of our strong economy, and the job opportunities this creates.

According to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, the Australian Industry Report for 2016 claimed that during 2015–16, Australia recorded its 25th year of continuous economic growth.

Australia’s unemployment rate is currently 5% (as of August 2017), compared to 26% in South Africa, 9% in France and China, 17% in Spain, and 24% in Greece.

2. Quality of Life

Quality of life in Australia is extremely high with the Economist Intelligence Unit ranking Melbourne #1 as the most liveable city in the world.

Second to this rating, Conde Nast Traveller recently ranked the Top Ten Most Liveable Cities in the World, out of the ten featured, three Australian cities were mentioned among those. Perth, Western Australia was featured as 7th, followed closely by Adelaide, at a strong 5th, and again, taking 1st position was Melbourne.

In Australia, we offer safe, clean, comfortable urban and regional living at a reasonable price. Additionally, we offer quality accommodation, world class educational facilities, good road and public transport networks as well as unlimited leisure possibilities.

3. Democratic and Politically Stable

The Australian political environment is ranked as one of the most stable in the world, ranked third behind Finland and Luxemburg, and first in the region.

Australia has an open, efficient and transparent legal framework. Aside from this, Australia's competition laws are ranked as the second best in the world.

4. Telecommunications and Information Systems and Infrastructure

Australia's telecommunications and IT market has become one of the biggest in Asia and tenth largest in the world.

The Australian IT market continues to grow, despite the difficult climate for global technology.

5. Highly Skilled Workforce

Australia is ranked in the top ten countries in the world for availability of skilled labour, IT professionals, finance skills and qualified engineers.

With access to a large number of quality training and educational facilities, it’s no wonder Australia continues to have a strong, highly skilled workforce.

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