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Lawyers & Registered Migration Agents

We are experienced Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents with a proven track record. We offer personalised service with a reasonable fee structure.

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Why Choose My Australian Visa?

When you choose My Australian Visa to provide you with quality immigration advice, you’ll be dealing with experienced Solicitors (Lawyers) and Registered Migration Agents with an impressive, proven track record.

Because of this, we’re continuously relied upon by employers wanting to sponsor foreign workers and by migrants, from all over the world, to provide helpful advice and assistance.

We offer a high level of personalised visa services to suit your requirements, combined with a reasonable fee structure, making us the preferred visa immigration lawyers in Melbourne, Victoria.

Experienced Immigration Lawyers You Can Rely On

Our team are here to help you achieve a permanent or temporary sponsorship visa in a timely and affordable manner. That is what we do, and we do it well. Thus far, we proudly have an enviable visa success rate, making us a team of immigration lawyers who you can rely on.

To maintain our success rate, we pay great attention to detail to ensure no errors are present in any sponsorship visa applications, and we utilise our legal training to understand and comply with all legal requirements.

This, combined with our outstanding level of service, are the main reasons why we have a proven track record of successfully obtaining migration/permanent residency visas for clients from all over the globe.

Please see the Testimonial section for success stories.

Professionals You Can Trust With a Proven Track Record!

At My Australian Visa, we believe in preparing personalised advice and providing ongoing assistance to help you to achieve your goal of migrating or temporarily residing in Australia.

We charge reasonable fixed fees with no hidden costs.

We are experienced and have an enviable success record.

When you choose My Australian Visa, you’ll be dealing with a professional who can get your application right the first time.

For starters, we use fast and effective communication channels no matter where you are in the world, so you can save time, money and heartache by first having your eligibility assessed through one of the Level 1 Services. Then, if eligible, you'll have a Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent handle the application process on your behalf.

Can I Do My Visa Application By Myself?

If you feel confident enough to handle the visa application process alone then we congratulate you. Applicant's profiles can vary from one another and one person's circumstances can be materially different from another person's even if only in one respect and this can alter the nature of the visa application and process.

The process can in certain circumstances be relatively straight forward and indeed many people have successfully obtained a migration/permanent residency visa by themselves. However, for others, it can be a lonely and frustrating journey.

You may know someone who has successfully been through the Australian immigration process themselves but you should consider the following:

  • When did they apply?
  • What legislation and policy was in place at the time?
  • What were their circumstances at the time?
  • What visa were they granted?
  • What conditions were attached to the visa?

Increasingly, according to Department of Immigration and Border Patrol (DIBP) statistics, many applicants choose to employ the services of a Registered Migration Agent.

Every visa application must meet the actual migration requirements for that particular visa subclass in order to be successful. These requirements are found in the Migration Act 1958, Migration Regulations 1994, as well as in the policy guidelines which Department Case Officers use to assess applications.

Whilst the DHA website is a good general guide, it is clearly stated therein that legislation and regulations are not published on the website.

Visa applicants cannot rely on the DHA and its Case Officers to give migration law advice on a visa application. It is a common public misconception that DHA staff, including immigration officers (whether in Australia or at overseas Embassies or High Commissions) can give advice on immigration matters.

Under Australian law, because they are non-lawyers and not Registered Migration Agents, they do not and cannot provide migration law advice or assistance. What they can provide is information. However, we are frequently contacted by clients who have said that they do not often get "the full picture" from DHA staff.

Moving to Australia changes your entire life; let professionals advise you.

My Australian Visa can provide you with the migration law expertise to submit the best possible visa application.

Why Use A Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent?

A migration agent is anyone who uses knowledge of migration procedures to offer advice or assistance to a person wanting to obtain a visa to enter or remain in Australia.

Migration agents operating in Australia are required by law to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

All registered migration agents:

  • Have a 7 digit Registration Number and registration certificate to prove their registration (this can be verified on the MARA Register)
  • Must meet the qualification requirements for registration, which include a sound knowledge of Australian migration law and procedures (for initial registration) and ongoing professional development activities (for subsequent registration)
  • Be of good character; and
  • Abide by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct which they are required to display in their offices.

Not all Registered Migration Agents are Solicitors though. In fact currently approximately two thirds of Registered Migration Agents are NOT Solicitors/Lawyers.

How Do I Choose the Right Registered Migration Agent?

When searching for an Registered Migration Agent to provide advice and assistance you should ask the following questions:

  • Are they registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)?
  • Are they Members of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA)?
  • Are they tertiary qualified?
  • Do they have a Law Degree?
  • Do they have experience?
  • Do they have testimonials from satisfied clients to support their claims?
  • What is their success rate?

Credentials are important and confirm a commitment to the profession, set a standard for work and help interaction with third parties.

With changes constantly occurring in migration legislation it is important to be aware and up to date with new policies implemented prior to applying for a visa. Without a comprehensive understanding of migration legislation, policies and procedures as they apply to you, a visa application may be delayed, returned unprocessed, or refused outright, wasting both time and money.

Due to industry regulations we cannot give any detailed advice on an assessment of your visa eligibility until you become a client via the Level 1 Service or Ask An Agent Service.

If you are not likely to succeed, we will let you know from the outset and advise you against proceeding further. My Australian Visa offers an honest assessment and advice, even where this includes negative feedback. It may be that as a consequence of reading the Level 1 Service advice document that you decide not to go ahead with any visa application, indirectly saving a significant amount of time, money and frustration.

Under Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) guidelines, registered agents must complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses prior to re-registration each year. This assures that Registered Migration Agents are aware of any changes to legislation.

In addition, as Registered Migration Agent we are bound by the Code of Conduct and this requires, inter alia, maintenance of a separate bank account for clients money, until the money is paid towards expenses or charged against professional fees provided after the completion of work agreed upon.

Whilst the ultimate decision to grant a visa is that of the DHA there are many reasons why you should use a registered migration agent to assist you in your visa application.

Peace of Mind

In addition to our professional fees there are Visa Application Charges (payable to DHA) and other associated costs payable to relevant third parties for all visa applications. These fees will NOT BE REFUNDED TO YOU by the relevant authority if your application is unsuccessful.

Furthermore, if your application is refused, you may not be able to appeal the decision or reapply for some time (e.g. until after you have acquired sufficient work experience) or at all (e.g. you may lose the ability to reapply because of the age requirement or because your circumstances or the law has changed).

Only applicants for certain visa subclasses are legally entitled to lodge an appeal. Under the law not every rejected applicant is legally entitled to appeal. Even if you are legally entitled to appeal you will likely have to pay an appeal application fee.

If you are entitled to and do proceed with an appeal you must remember that once your application is rejected, it becomes difficult if not impossible to legally 'change your story'. This is because any 'unsuccessful application' is filed by DHA and may be used to check against any conflicting or inconsistent claims you make in your appeal or new application. DHA's own statistics show that a great number of appeals fail.

Given this situation, our policy is to only undertake cases that we feel will be successful in attaining a visa based on the Level 1 Service. We are honest in our evaluation and will not waste both your time and money and our excellent reputation.

Compare Our Service

We invite you to compare the features of our services with those offered elsewhere.

We are sure you will agree that My Australian Visa offers the most extensive, affordable and effective migration service available!

Additional Services

Clients can receive migration advice and assistance in the following visa subclasses:

Subclass 010 - Bridging A

Subclass 020 - Bridging B

Subclass 030 - Bridging C

Subclass 040 - Bridging (Prospective Applicant)

Subclass 041 - Bridging (Non-applicant)

Subclass 050 - Bridging (General)

Subclass 051 - Bridging (Protection Visa Applicant)

Subclass 060 - Bridging F

Subclass 070 - Bridging (Removal Pending)

Subclass 100 - Spouse

Subclass 101 - Child

Subclass 102 - Adoption

Subclass 103 - Parent

Subclass 105 - Skilled - Australian Linked

Subclass 106 - Regional Linked

Subclass 110 - Interdependency

Subclass 114 - Aged Dependent Relative

Subclass 115 - Remaining Relative

Subclass 116 - Carer

Subclass 117 - Orphan Relative

Subclass 118 - Designated Parent

Subclass 119 - Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

Subclass 120 - Labour Agreement

Subclass 121 - Employer Nomination

Subclass 124 - Distinguished Talent

Subclass 126 - Independent

Subclass 132 - Business Talent

Subclass 134 - Skill Matching

Subclass 135 - State/Territory-nominated Independent

Subclass 136 - Skilled - Independent

Subclass 137 - Skilled - State/Territory-nominated Independent

Subclass 138 - Skilled - Australian-sponsored

Subclass 139 - Skilled - Designated Area-sponsored

Subclass 143 - Contributory Parent

Subclass 151 - Former Resident

Subclass 155 - Five Year Resident Return

Subclass 157 - Three Month Resident Return

Subclass 159 - Provisional Resident Return

Subclass 160 - Business Owner (Provisional)

Subclass 161 - Senior Executive (Provisional)

Subclass 162 - Investor (Provisional)

Subclass 163 - State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner (Provisional)

Subclass 164 - State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (Provisional)

Subclass 165 - State/Territory Sponsored Investor (Provisional)

Subclass 173 - Contributory Parent (Temporary)

Subclass 175 Skilled - Independent

Subclass 176 Skilled - Sponsored

Subclass 200 - Refugee

Subclass 201 - In-country Special Humanitarian

Subclass 202 - Global Special Humanitarian

Subclass 203 - Emergency Rescue

Subclass 204 - Woman at risk

Subclass 300 - Prospective Marriage

Subclass 302 - Emergency (Permanent Visa Applicant)

Subclass 303 - Emergency (Temporary Visa Applicant)

Subclass 309 - Spouse (Provisional)

Subclass 310 - Interdependency (Provisional)

Subclass 405 - Investor Retirement

Subclass 410 - Retirement

Subclass 411 - Exchange

Subclass 415 - Foreign Government Agency

Subclass 416 - Special Program

Subclass 417 - Working Holiday

Subclass 418 - Educational

Subclass 419 - Visiting Academic

Subclass 420 - Entertainment

Subclass 421 - Sport

Subclass 422 - Medical Practitioner

Subclass 423 - Media and Film Staff

Subclass 426 - Domestic Worker (Temporary) - Diplomatic or Consular

Subclass 427 - Domestic Worker (Temporary) - Executive

Subclass 428 - Religious Worker

Subclass 442 - Occupational Trainee

Subclass 444 - Special Category

Subclass 445 - Dependent Child

Subclass 447 - Secondary Movement Offshore Entry (Temporary)

Subclass 448 - Kosovar Safe Haven (Temporary)

Subclass 449 - Humanitarian Stay (Temporary)

Subclass 450 - Resolution of Status - Family Member (Temporary)

Subclass 451 - Secondary Movement Relocation (Temporary)

Subclass 456 - Business (Short Stay)

Subclass 457 - Business (Long Stay)

Subclass 459 - Sponsored Business Visitor (Short Stay)

Subclass 461 - New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary)

Subclass 462 - Work and Holiday

Subclass 470 - Professional Development

Subclass 475 - Skilled - Regional Sponsored

Subclass 476 - Skilled - Recognised Graduate

Subclass 485 - Skilled - Graduate

Subclass 487 - Skilled - Regional Sponsored

Subclass 495 - Skilled - Independent Regional (Provisional)

Subclass 496 - Skilled - Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional)

Subclass 497 - Graduate - Skilled

Subclass 570 - Independent ELICOS Sector

Subclass 571 - Schools Sector

Subclass 572 - Vocational Education and Training Sector

Subclass 573 - Higher Education Sector

Subclass 574 - Postgraduate Research Sector

Subclass 575 - Non-Award Sector

Subclass 576 - AusAID or Defence Sector

Subclass 580 - Student Guardian

Subclass 675 - Medical Treatment (Short Stay)

Subclass 676 - Tourist

Subclass 679 - Sponsored Family Visitor

Subclass 685 - Medical Treatment (Long Stay)

Subclass 695 - Return Pending

Subclass 771 - Transit

Subclass 773 - Border

Subclass 785 - Temporary Protection

Subclass 786 - Temporary (Humanitarian Concern)

Subclass 787 - Witness Protection (Trafficking) (Temporary)

Subclass 800 - Territorial Asylum

Subclass 801 - Spouse

Subclass 802 - Child

Subclass 804 - Aged Parent

Subclass 808 - Confirmatory (Residence)

Subclass 814 - Interdependency

Subclass 820 - Spouse

Subclass 826 - Interdependency

Subclass 834 - Permanent Resident of Norfolk Island

Subclass 835 - Remaining Relative

Subclass 836 - Carer

Subclass 837 - Orphan Relative

Subclass 838 - Aged Dependent Relative

Subclass 845 - Established Business in Australia

Subclass 846 - State/Territory Sponsored Regional Established Business in Australia

Subclass 850 - Resolution of Status (Temporary)

Subclass 851 - Resolution of Status

Subclass 852 - Witness Protection (Trafficking) (Permanent)

Subclass 855 - Labour Agreement

Subclass 856 - Employer Nomination Scheme

Subclass 857 - Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

Subclass 858 - Distinguished Talent

Subclass 859 - Designated Parent

Subclass 861 - Skilled - Onshore Independent New Zealand Citizen

Subclass 862 - Skilled - Onshore Australian-sponsored New Zealand Citizen

Subclass 863 - Skilled - Onshore Designated Area-sponsored New Zealand Citizen

Subclass 864 - Contributory Aged Parent

Subclass 866 - Protection

Subclass 880 - Skilled - Independent Overseas Student

Subclass 881 - Skilled - Australian-sponsored Overseas Student

Subclass 882 - Skilled - Designated Area-sponsored Overseas Student

Subclass 883 - Skilled - Designated Area-sponsored (Residence)

Subclass 884 - Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary)

Subclass 885 - Skilled - Independent

Subclass 886 - Skilled - Sponsored

Subclass 887 - Skilled - Regional

Subclass 890 - Business Owner

Subclass 891 - Investor

Subclass 892 - State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner

Subclass 893 - State/Territory Sponsored Investor

Subclass 956 - Electronic Travel Authority (Business Entrant - Long Validity)

Subclass 976 - Electronic Travel Authority (Visitor)

Subclass 977 - Electronic Travel Authority (Business Entrant - Short Validity)

Subclass 988 - Maritime Crew

Subclass 995 - Diplomatic (Temporary)

Clients can also seek advice or assistance with any of the following visa application/information forms:

Form 26

Medical Examination For An Australian Visa

Form 40

Sponsorship For Migration To Australia

Form 40CH

Sponsorship For A Child To Migrate To Australia

Form 40SP

Sponsorship For A Partner To Migrate To Australia

Form 47A

Details Of Child Or Other Dependent Family Member Aged 18 Years Or Over

Form 47BT

Application For A Business Skills (Provisional) Visa

Form 47BU

Application For A Business Skills (Permanent) Visa

Form 47CH

Application For Migration To Australia By A Child

Form 47ES

Application For Employer Sponsored Migration To Australia

Form 47OF

Application For Migration To Australia By Other Family Members

Form 47P

Character Requirements: Penal Clearance Certificates

Form 47PA

Application For Migration To Australia By A Parent

Form 47PT

Application For Migration To Australia By A Contributory Parent (Temporary) or Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Visa Holder

Form 47SP

Application For Migration To Australia By A Partner

Form 47SV

Application For Special Migration To Australia

Form 48

Application To Visit Australia For Tourism Or Other Recreational Activities

Form 48R

Application To Visit Australia For Tourism Or Other Recreational Activities

Form 48ME

Application To Visit Australia For Medical Treatment

Form 48S

Application To Visit Australia As A Sponsored Family Visitor

Form 54

Family Composition - English/Chinese (Short And Long)

Form 55

Sponsorship For Temporary Residence In Australia (Non Business)

Form 80

Personal Particulars For Character Assessment

Form 118

Application For Australian Citizenship By Descent

Form 119

Application For Evidence Of Australian Citizenship


Application For Renunciation Of Australian Citizenship

Form 132

Application To Resume Australian Citizenship

Form 147

Application For A Temporary Residence Visa (non-business)

Form 148

Sponsorship For Temporary Entry Of Overseas Entertainers To Perform In Australia

Form 157A

Application For A Student Visa

Form 157G

Application For A Student Guardian Visa

Form 157N

Nomination Of A Student Guardian

Form 157P

Application For A Student Visa With Permission To Work

Form 160

Radiological Report On Chest X-ray Of An Applicant For An Australian Visa

Form 164

Application For Evidence Of Resident Status In Australia

Form 424A

Request For Access To Documents Under The Freedom Of Information Act 1982

Form 424B

Request For International Movement Records Under The Freedom Of Information Act 1982

Form 424C

Request For Amendment Or Annotation To Personal Records Under The Freedom Of Information Act 1982

Form 456

Application For A Business (Short Stay) Visa (for a stay of up to 3 months)

Form 601

Application For Further Stay As A Visitor (111KB PDF file)

Form 681

Refugee And Special Humanitarian Proposal (110KB PDF file)

Form 785

Employer Nomination Under The Employer Nomination Scheme

Form 842

Application For An Offshore Humanitarian Visa - Refugee And Humanitarian (class XB) Visa

Form 852

Application For A Confirmatory (Residence) Visa

Form 876

Application For Transit Visa For Australia (class 771)

Form 886

Settlement Details

Form 888

Statutory Declaration By A Supporting Witness Relating To A Partner Visa Application

Form 913

Nomination For Occupational Training

Form 918

Application For A Subclass 445 (temporary) Visa By A Dependent Child

Form 919

Nomination Of Student Dependants

Form 922

Notification Of Address Or Change Of Address For Business Skills Visa Holders

Form 927

State/Territory Notification: Business Skills Class

Form 929

Change Of Address And/or Passport Details

Form 931

Application For An Australian Declaratory Visa

Form 949

State/Territory Sponsorship - Business Skills Classes

Form 950

Notice Of Possible Sponsorship - Regional Established Business In Australia Subclass

Form 956

Appointment Of A Migration Agent

Form 966i

Migrating to Australia - English language assessment

Form 990i

Fees and Charges

Form 1000

Nomination For Distinguished Talent

Form 1002

Application By A Subclass 445 Dependent Child For A Permanent Partner Visa

Form 1003

Application For An Emergency (Temporary) Visa

Form 1005

Application For Bridging Visa - To Replace A Ceased Bridging Visa, To Change Bridging Visa Conditions, Or To Provide Lawful Status During Judicial Review

Form 1006

Application For A Bridging Visa B - To Seek Permission To Travel (103KB PDF file)

Form 1008

Application For A Bridging Visa E - subclass 050

Form 1010

Survey Of Business Skills Visa Holders


Notification Of Changes In Circumstances (section 104 Of The Migration Act 1958)

Form 1023

Notification Of Incorrect Answer(s)

Form 1031

Declaration: Business Skills - Investor And State/Territory Sponsored Investor Other - Investor Retirement (Designated Investment)

Form 1031A

Declaration (Investment-linked Migration/Residence (Designated Investment)

Form 1040

Statutory declaration relating to family violence (for visa applications made on or after 15 October 2007)

Form 1040 (07/07)

Statutory declaration relating to domestic violence (for visa applications made before 15 October 2007)

Form 1054

Employer Nomination Under The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

Form 1060

Information Collection For Special Circumstance Visa

Form 1066

Application for a Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa (subclass 457)

Form 1085

Application For A Resident Return Visa (RRV) Or replacement evidence Of An RRV

Form 1101

Police Records Check - Consent To Obtain Personal Information (63KB PDF file)

Form 1134

General Skilled Migration Declaration (Bonus points for capital investment in Australia)

Form 1136

Business Skills Profile: Business Owner And State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner (Provisional)

Form 1137

Business Skills Profile: Senior Executive And State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (Provisional)

Form 1138

Business Skills Profile: Established Business In Australia

Form 1139

Business Skills Profile: Investor And State/Territory Sponsored Investor (Provisional)

Form 1149

Application For Sponsorship For Sponsored Visitors

Form 1150

Application For A Working Holiday Visa

Form 1153

Undertaking Visa Grant Subject To Condition 8503 "No Further Stay"

Form 1162

Application For Certificate Of Status For New Zealand Citizens In Australia

Form 1192

Employer Nomination For A Permanent Appointment (Labour Agreement, Regional Headquarters Agreement Or Invest Australia Supported Skills Agreement)

Form 1193

Communicating By E-mail With The Department

Form 1194

Confirmation Of Immigration Status

Form 1195

Proof of identity and declaration

Form 1196

Sponsoring Temporary Overseas Employees To Australia

Form 1208

Application For A Work And Holiday Visa

Form 1213

Business Skills Profile: Business Talent

Form 1214

Bank Confirmation Of Account Details - Investor And Sponsored Investor Categories

Form 1216

Schools Sector - English Proficiency - Details Of Nominated Education Agent

Form 1217

Business Skills Profile: Business Owner (Residence)

Form 1218

Schools Sector - English Proficiency - Advice On Tests

Form 1221

Additional Personal Particulars Information

Form 1224

State/territory Sponsorship: Business Talent Subclass

Form 1226

Application For Approval As A Professional Development Sponsor

Form 1227

Application For A Professional Development Visa

Form 1229

Consent Form To Grant An Australian Visa To A Child Under The Age Of 18 Years

Form 1230

Transitional Arrangements For Work Rights For temporary retirement visa

Form 1235

Application For Sponsorship For Sponsored Business Visitors (short Stay)

Form 1238

Application For A Sponsored Business Visitor (Short Stay) Visa (for A Stay Of Up To 3 Months)

Form 1249

State/Territory Sponsorship: Investor Retirement Visa

Form 1252

Supplementary Form - Student Visa - Subclass 571 (Schools Sector)

Form 1257

Undertaking Declaration

Form 1258

Agreement to undertake care of an unaccompanied humanitarian minor

Form 1263

Working Holiday Visa: Employment Verification

Form 1268

Trade Skills Training Visa Sponsor Monitoring

Form 1272

Application for Australian citizenship for children adopted under the ‘full and permanent' Hague Convention arrangements

Form 1273

Application for a Maritime Crew (Temporary) visa (subclass 988)

Form 1276

Application for general skilled migration to Australia

Form 1277

Application for sponsorship under general skilled migration

Form 1283

Occupational trainee visa - acknowledgement by nominee (if unpaid)

Form 1284

Occupational trainee visa - acknowledgement by nominator

Form 1290

Application for Australian citizenship by conferral - Other situations

Form 1295

Online applications for Australian citizenship by conferral - Proof of identity and declaration

Form 1300t

Application for citizenship by conferral - General eligibility

Visa Assessment