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Neo Phoenix Pty Ltd
Lawyers & Registered Migration Agents

We are experienced Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents with a proven track record. We offer personalised service with a reasonable fee structure.

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What types of services do you provide?

MY AUSTRALIAN VISA Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents provide online and face to face Australian Visa Advice and Assistance. We offer a traditional full service to eligible clients via the Level 3 Service whereby the entire visa application is managed by our Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents. We also offer other services through a simple Level by Level structure. Starting with the Level 1 Service (professional visa eligibility assessment - which can also be done in person via the Face to Face Consultation), to the Level 2 Service (help with certain aspects of the visa application process) through to the Level 3 Service (actual representation and preparation and visa application submission service).

Generally clients proceed from Level 1 to Level 3 Services in sequence although there may be certain exceptions.

We also offer an Ask An Agent Service (AUD$300) whereby you can email your migration related questions for prompt advice.

The Level 1 Service is an accessible and affordable alternative to the 'traditional' immigration Full Service for AUS$350. The Level 1 service contains a professional assessment of your visa eligibility and formulation of a written advice and ongoing email support to manage a visa application. This is our most popular service and many clients have successfully utilised this affordable alternative to traditional migration consultancy. This service also comes with our ongoing email support. Our email support is now unlimited. It is our interest to ensure our clients are satisfied with our service, and if successful in migration know they can rely on us for any help and support they may need to make the transition to Australian life as easy as possible. Our goal is to provide clients with tailored expert migration solutions, advice, and guidance according to their needs. For some this can enable them to be in a position to confidently self-manage the visa application process and for others who would like more assistance it means that we can handle more of the application process.

Do I need an Immigration Lawyer / Registered Migration Agent?

You do not need to use an Immigration Lawyer / Registered Migration Agent.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) accepts all applications validly lodged, regardless of who lodges them. You are able to lodge any kind of visa application or asylum claim yourself and most applications can be lodged online.

However, if you do not feel confident in lodging an application, or if your case is complex, or if you want to have any eligibility assessment or advice on whether you meet all the relevant criteria you may want to engage the services of an Immigration Lawyer / Registered Migration Agent.

Although we do not offer any guarantees we can assure that we will work hard and extensively on your case using our considerable experience and training to submit the best possible visa application or Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) appeal.

We can only offer our services after a thorough preliminary assessment of your visa eligibility. We are honest with your chances of success for a particular visa or appeal and will tell you if there are low chances of success.

If there are any alternative visa options we will advise you of these. We have an enviable success rate. Please see our Testimonial section for a small sample of satisfied clients. Further Testimonials are available on the full website.

Are you Lawyers as well as being Registered Migration Agents?


Mr. Andre Congiu, Registered Migration Agent Number 0319022 is registered to provide Migration Assistance and advice with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and is also currently holding a Local Practising Certificate as a Solicitor.

Mrs. Teresa Morfuni Registered Migration Agent Number 0848853 is registered to provide Migration Assistance and advice with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and is also currently holding a Local Practising Certificate as a Solicitor.

As a profession, lawyers must adhere to the ethical and professional standards as regulated by the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014. These standards and requirements are additional to the provisions set out in OMARA's Code of Conduct. The standard set for immigration lawyers is therefore very high.

We are also members of the Law Institute of Victoria, Law Council of Australia, Migration Alliance and of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).

What are the differences between a Migration Lawyer and a Registered Migration Agent?

In Australia, a person who gives "immigration assistance" for a fee must in most cases be a Registered Migration Agent under the Migration Act 1958. The term "immigration assistance" means using, or purporting to use, knowledge of or experience in migration procedure to advise or assist various people with visa applications and related sponsorships and appeals.

To be registered by OMARA as a Registered Migration Agent a person needs to complete a certain qualification. This qualification for entry has changed over the years and was initially only a short course and is now a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice which can be completed in less than a year.

Some Registered Migration Agents are lawyers, and many are not. In Australia a person who charges for legal services must not only have legal qualifications (e.g. a Bachelor of Laws Degree) and be admitted to practise but must also hold a current practising certificate. Practising certificates are renewed each year subject to the lawyer having current professional indemnity insurance and meeting other requirements such as completion of a certain amount of continuing legal education.

Teresa Morfuni holds a Masters of Laws Degree (L.L.M.) and is a Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent (Number 0848853).

Mr. Andre Congiu is a Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent (Number 0319022) and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.), a Bachelor of Laws Degree (L.L.B.) as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (P.D.L.P.).

My colleague Any communications between client and lawyer are protected under what is known as “legal professional privilege”. These communications therefore cannot be revealed to third parties except in few limited circumstances. Clients of Registered Migration Agents who are not also Lawyers are not protected under this privilege.

Do you provide free advice?

Please note that we do not provide free advice.

The fees for our services are outlined on this website. We take the time to work through the relevant legislation, policy and precedents to thoroughly advise and assist you. The fees for migration advice and assistance vary according to the visa and Services type and the amount of work involved. For more information on Our Services please click here

How can I make an appointment for a Face to Face Consultation?

There are (2) two different ways of doing so.

You could either call the office directly at +61 3 9900 6253 (please leave a message with your Name, phone number and preferred day and time if we do not answer).

Alternatively, you can email us at outlining your preferred day and time to which one of our lawyers will contact you to confirm the appointment.

How much does the Face to Face Consultation cost?

Professional fees are payable as follows:

At our office:

AUD $350.00 per hour consultation

AUD $150.00 per hour consultation for current Student Visa Holders

Fees must be paid at the conclusion of consultation.

We accept cash only.

Unfortunately we do not have EFTPOS facilities. There is a an ANZ ATM located directly opposite our office.

During the consultation, an in-depth analysis and review of your visa options will be undertaken by one of our migration lawyers. We will show you the relevant legislation, policy and any precedents and you will also be able to ask questions about your situation which can be answered and discussed confidentially.

The Face to Face consultation fee will be discounted from our Level2 or Level 3 Service should you decide to engage us.

What if my application has already been refused by the Department of Home Affairs?

Under certain circumstances, you may be able to apply for a review of your application by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The review process allows you to submit new and compelling evidence. The AAT may either affirm the Department’s decision refusing to grant the visa or remit the decision with a direction that you have met the requirements for the visa to be granted.

How can I engage My Australian Visa?

First we will need to either assess your prospects of success via the Face to Face Consultation or Level 1 Service. Then we will need to agree to offer our service and represent you.

We will then email you the Costs Agreement and other important documents for you to review, sign, date and return to us. Upon receipt we will open a file and send you some initial advice and information. Our professional fees are payable 50% after you have received this initial advice and the balance prior to lodging any application.

Once you have retained our Level 3 Services we do not limit the number of times you can see us in the office or email or phone us.

Can I engage My Australian Visa if I am not in Australia?


Many of our clients are outside Australia at the time of engaging our services.

We have dealt with clients from all over the world and have submitted applications to many Australian Embassies, Commissions and Consulates overseas.

For offshore applications that can't be lodged online we can prepare your application from Australia and lodge the application by courier. We can also liaise with the relevant overseas posts.

Please first email us at or fill in the contact form on our website. One of our immigration lawyers will contact you to discuss your options.

How do I get to My Australian Visa Office?

My Australian Visa is conveniently located at Level 30, 35 Collins St, Melbourne CBD, 3000, AUSTRALIA (Telstra Tower). The nearest train station is Parliament Station in the city loop. Our office is located approximately 100 meters from Parliament Station.

There are ample car parking spaces in Collins St, Exhibition St or near St Patricks Cathederal which is nearby.