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We are experienced Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents with a proven track record. We offer personalised service with a reasonable fee structure.

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Employer Sponsored Visa Application Services

We offer a full range of migration services for Australian businesses wanting to employ foreign workers or overseas companies with or wanting a presence in Australia needing to relocate staff from overseas locations.

If your business currently employs a suitable overseas worker or has identified one, whether they are inside Australia or outside Australia, we can help you secure the relevant Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) or Nomination and Visa.

If you are seeking assistance with finding a suitably qualified and experienced overseas worker we have an extensive database of professionals and trades persons to consider.

We represent large corporations as well as small / medium enterprises.

We can advise on all aspects of employer sponsored immigration regulations and policies and we have extensive experience in obtaining employer sponsored Australian temporary and permanent residency visas. We deliver essential, time effective advice and assistance to a client list comprised of leading companies across a wide range of industries.

Our knowledge and expertise saves valuable time in organising and presenting visa applications and associated documentation and ensuring a seamless settlement into the local workforce.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS), Nomination and Visa Advice and Assistance

We can provide the following services:

- Obtaining initial or renewal of existing Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) approval for the employing company from Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to allow sponsorship of overseas skilled workers;

- All necessary discussion with individual expatriate and employing company to understand the goals of the assignment, together with the personal needs of the expatriate and any accompanying family members;

- Advice on the types of visas appropriate to the assignment together with an indication of the likely time required to process the necessary applications;

- In liaison with the expatriate family and employing company, the completion and collation of all necessary documentation;

- The submission of all documentation to DHA;

ยท In liaison with DHA and appropriate parties, the management of the visa and immigration process in order to meet relevant timing requirements;

- Advice with regard to the impact of the visa and immigration process on other relocation related issues;

- Assistance in understanding and complying with the Sponsor Obligations

What You Can Expect From Our Employer Sponsored Visa Services

Upon receipt of the signed Agreement for Services and Fees or under the terms of an Exclusive Provider Agreement, your Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent will contact both the Business Representative and the Visa Applicant to initiate visa application process.

Both parties will be provided with specific questionnaires designed to collate the information relevant to the completion of the visa application forms. The necessary DHA issued application forms will be completed on your behalf and returned for review. Information regarding health examination, police clearances or any other specific requirements will also be provided at this time.

Upon receipt of the required documentation, we will review same and prepare drafts of the application forms which we will send for review. Upon approval of the application forms, we will lodge the application, and follow up any requests for further information from the Case Officer by providing a detailed submission letter to DHA addressing all relevant regulations and processing requirements. The visa application will be monitored to ensure DHA can issue a timely decision.

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