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Study at TAFE then Migrate to Australia

Studying at a University or TAFE can lead to recognized Australian qualifications and thus the possibility of skilled migration.

As the name suggests, skilled migration to Australia is primarily based on the Skills of an applicant. Skills refers to qualifications and work experience. Skilled visa applicants must be able to receive a positive pre-application skills assessment for an occupation on the relevant Occupation List for which their qualifications and experience are a good match.

How You Can Migrate After Completing Eligible Australian Study

Course Length and Applying for a Skilled Permanent Residency Visa

Generally any study in a registered course should lead to meeting the requirements for award of a degree, diploma or trade qualification, for award by a CRICOS registered Australian educational institution as a result of at least 2 years of full time study at a campus of the institution."

You can study 2 different courses, provided they both lead to the award of a degree, diploma or trade qualification. You must be able to pass the Skilled Visa Points Test if you want to apply for skilled migration after completion of your studies. Generally this means your attributes must entitle you to meet the 60 point Pass Mark.

If the course you have undertaken is less than 2 years duration the best thing you can do is to extend your course by at least 6 months or to take additional courses. It is most important to keep studying full time for at least 2 years.

Whatever additional study you undertake you should ensure it is in the same field and is an add-on course and not just a random course unrelated to the skilled occupation you would nominate in your Skilled Visa Application. If you are unable to find a suitable extra course now - then contact us in the first 3 months after arrival in Australia and we can help find a suitable course and be pro-active about sorting out your next student visa in advance.

Apart from being leaders in Student Visa advice and information, we can also act as an Educational Agent. That means that we represent Registered Educational Institutions and thus can organize your course enrolment.

Success Stories

Over the years we have helped many people from all over the world realise their dream of a new life in Australia.

Please see the Testimonial Section of the website and see for yourself.

Due to industry regulations, in order to be able to provide you with migration advice and assistance you must first become a client. If you are serious about General Skilled Migration it is worthwhile having a professional assessment by a Registered Migration Agent.

If you have a specific query concerning your skilled visa options after you complete eligible Australian study please contact us so that a Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent can analyse your profile, determine your eligibility and if eligible advise you further on how to secure an Australian Visa.

Visa Assessment

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